Stencil Printers & AOI

Revolutionary Printers from Ersa
with fully integrated post print AOI.

VERSAPRINT printing machines from Ersa redefined the SMT production. The revolutionary Line Scan Technology (LIST) camera and the TRT (Triple Rail Transport) represents the core competence of this printer: true time savings via optimized parallel processing, 100% post print AOI integrated into the machine and the maximum in machine capability for the minimum floor space requirement.


LIST - Line Scan Technology

Most of today’s printers use a standard camera and prisms for alignment and the same camera to rapidly shoot many small field-of-view pictures for inspection. Ersa revolutionizes these processes via the use of a line sensor based camera for both alignment and inspection. Similar to a standard scanner, the LIST camera has top and bottom contact image sensors (CIS) and an array of rod lenses specifically designed for this application. From an inspection speed standpoint, Ersa´s Line Scan Technology has set new standards with an inspection speed of 9,100 mm2/s!