Ersa EASY ARM 110 plus i (discontinued)

Compact and powerful workbench solution with up to two ectraction arms. Product discontinued 12/2014.

EA 110 plus i connection
Ersa EA 110 plus i with i-CON 1 and 2 soldering stations

Economical and intelligend process air cleaning

  • Continiously adjustable Sucction power

  • Very effective 2-stage filter system with filter degree of 99,97%

  • Optical and Acoustical riminder for filter exchange

  • Interface t oconnect with i-CON soldering stations or a standby-switch

  • Two extraction arms attachable

  • Flexible system of extraction arms and nozzles allows individual setup on every workbench

  • Small footprint                                   


-- Product discontinued --


Alternative products: EASY ARM 1, EASY ARM 2

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
460 x 210 x 470
Weight in kg
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Power Rating in W
Nominal voltage in V AC
Test symbol
Volume flow in m³/h


  • filtration of unhealthy solder fume from ambient breathing air
  • 2-stage filter system:
    Particle filter: catches micro particls from the air
    activated carbon: absorbs toxical gas molecules
  • flux deposit onto the electronic assemblies is avoided




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