i-CON 2 (discontinued)

Article No.: 0IC2000AIT
dual channel, electronically controlled soldering and desoldering station, 120 W. Product discontinued 01/2017.

i-CON 2 with two i-TOOLS (0IC2000AIT)
i-CON 2 with two i-TOOLS (0IC2000AIT)
i-CON 2 with i-TOOL (0IC2000A)
i-CON 2 with i-TOOL and CHIP TOOL (0IC2000AC)
i-CON 2 with i-TOOL, X-TOOL and Vacuum unit CU100 (0IC2000AXT)
i-CON 2 C with i-TOOL and interface (IC2000A0C)
  • Soldering and desoldering station for simultaneous operation of two soldering tools

  • Intelligent power management - 120 W are split up dynamically between the connected tools

  • Easy operation - intuitive One-Touch push button and two large multifunctional displays

  • Six different soldering tools connectable
  • Available with interface to solder fume extraction unit, heating plate and PC

  • Antistatic design


-- Product discontinued 01/2017 --

Alternative product: i-CON 2V

To the current soldering and desoldering stations

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
150 x 175 x 105
Weight in kg
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Power Rating in W
Nominal voltage in V AC
Secondary voltage in V
Temperature range in °C
Digital display (y/n)
Test symbol


Applications for i-CON 2

The i-CON 2 is suitable for all SMT und PTH soldering tasks in electronic production, rework and R&D.

The attachable tools allow a very flexible usage of the station depending on the current demands.


The field of application reaches from the smallest SMD chips (0201) to standard SMD components including high pin count components (PLCC 84) and high mass solder joints in PTH technolgy including desoldering with solder removal.

If you have application questions, please contact our application experts.

Connectable tools

Connectable tools

Further accessories can be found in the Ersa Shop.

in addition

Further accessories can be found in the Ersa Shop.

Available versions

The following versions or modules are available: