IR 500 (discontinued)

Article No.: 0IR500AS
The compact solution for the widest variety of rework and repair applications (BGAs, SMTs and conventional assemblies). Product discontinued.


Low Cost BGA/SMT Rework for All Operators and All Budgets!

The ERSA IR 500 A Rework System is a compact solution for the widest variety of rework and repair applications (BGAs, SMTs and conventional assemblies) which has proven itself with over 4000 users worldwide.
Utilizing the advantages of dark IR technology (medium wavelength IR, 2-8 μm), the IR 500 A allows for safe and uniform rework without the need for component specific nozzles. The patented aperture system of the upper IR emitter protects sensitive components against adjacent heating and allows several components to be reworked simultaneously. The integrated vacuum pipette allows the user to automatically lift off a wide variety of components from the PCB during rework. A contact thermal couple with digital display allows for enhanced process control.

The IR 500 A is user friendly and easy to operate! All in all, the system is distinguished by it‘s compact design and great flexibility; the variety of components it can handle range from the tiniest SMT chips (0201‘s) through BGAs and SMT connector strips to large, plated-through hole components (up to 60 x 60 mm). The integrated digital soldering station comes standard with the ERSA Tech Tool soldering iron and can also be used to o operate one of the five connectable soldering or desoldering tools:


  1. Soldering iron POWER TOOL
  2. Soldering iron TECH TOOL
  3. Soldering iron MICRO TOOL
  4. Desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOL
  5. Vacuum desoldering iron X-TOOL


A great increase in process control can be achieved by combining the IR 500 A with an ERSA process camera for process viewing (RPC 500 A, RPC 550 A or PL 550 A).


-- Product discontinued --


Alternative products: HR 100, HR 200, HR 500, IR 550



Highlights of IR 500

  • Upper and lower IR emitters with 200 W and 400 W
  • Automatic desoldering via integrated pump
  • Patented aperture system; nonozzles required
  • Temperature recording at the component via thermocouple
  • Integrated soldering station with TECH TOOL


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