IR/PL 650 XL (discontinued)

Article No.: 0IRPL650A-XL
XL Rework System with the highest heating performance (9,200 W) for large and complex boards. Product discontinued 12/2019.

Ersa IR/PL 650 XL - maximum rework power for large assemblies
Ersa IR/PL 650 XL - maximum rework power for large assemblies
PCB holder
Plate over large-scale bottom emitter
Quick clamp
Support rail and pin
Bottom support rails
  • Four programmable heating zones in the top emitter 1,200 W
  • Five programmable heating zones in the bottom emitter 8,000 W
  • Minimum delay in assembly unit, complete surface heating on 500 x 625 mm
  • Foldable PCB frame with support rails and retaining element
  • Four thermocouple measuring channels and a non-contact IR sensor
  • High precision (+/- 0,025 mm) Auto Pick & Place with motor zoom AF camera
  • Intuitive operation with PC connection
  • Process control and documentation via the operator software IRSoft
  • Motor zoom reflow process camera for process viewing
  • Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station


-- Product discontinued --


Alternative products: HR 550 XL, HR 600 XL

Technical Data

IR Modul
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
1,790 x 840 x 1,490
Weight in kg
ca. 185
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Power Rating in W
Nominal voltage in V AC
3 x 230 V/N/PE, CEE 16A
Compressed air connection
6-10 bar (free of oil), 1/4 inch quick coupling
Upper heating
IR emitter (4 x 300 W)
Lower heating
IR emitter (20 x 400 W) in five zones
PCB size in mm
up to 500 x 625
Component size in mm
from 1 x 1 to 60 x 60
Windows PC
Test symbol
PL Module
Placement accuracy in mm
up to 0.010 mm
Zoom factor
25 x optical and 12 x digital
Reflow Process Camera (RPC)
PAL CCD motor zoom camera with dimmable LED ring light
Zoom factor
25 x optical and 12 x digital


Repair of large boards

Desoldering, placement and soldering of all types of surface mounted devices (SMD), preferably on large surface boards especially: high-mass BGA, metallic BGA, CGA, CCGA, BGA socket, multilayer boards or aluminium laminated substrate, BGA-multiway connector, large QFP, large PLCC, high pole THT components; for QFP components an optional split optics cassette is available.


Ersa recommends the following accessories:

Micro-Pickup Type 0510
Micro-Pickup Type 0510

Metallic Micro-Nozzle 0.9 mm with Silicone Suction Cup 1 mm

Article No.: 0IR5500-40 + 0IR4520-07

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