Finally again: Real Ersa Event!

Three-day Technology Forum with in-house exhibition in Wertheim

Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss and Business Unit Manager Tools, Rework & Inspection Hansjürgen Bolg welcome to the Technology Forum with in-house exhibition 2021 in Wertheim am Main
Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss and Business Unit Manager Tools, Rework & Inspection Hansjürgen Bolg welcome to the Technology Forum with in-house exhibition 2021 in Wertheim am Main
Great interest from the enthusiastic visitors at the Technology Forum, who highly praised the practiced hygiene concept of the face-to-face event
Part of the Technology Forum: LIVE machine demos, e.g. on the VERSAPRINT 2 stencil printer, which combines 100% inspection with maximum efficiency
Also part of the in-house exhibition: The Alpha 140, which stands for new possibilities in metallic 3D printing
Perfectly prepared for the technology forum with comprehensive hygiene concept
Long time no hear: musical background with live jazz at the Technology Forum in Wertheim am Main

Wertheim, 21.06.2021
For the second exclusive Technology Forum with in-house exhibition, Ersa GmbH welcomed around 200 participants from June 15 to 17. As with the first edition last year, the event had set itself the goal of comprehensively covering current trends in all process areas of electronics manufacturing – from stencil printing to reflow, selective and wave to automated rework, Industry 4.0, automation and metallic 3D printing. In the introduction, Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss and Hansjürgen Bolg, Business Unit Manager Tools, Rework & Inspection, referred to the strategic approach “GLOBAL. AHEAD. SUSTAINABLE.”, with which Ersa and all companies of the Kurtz Ersa Group implement holistic solutions including service sustainably and efficiently on a global level – be it via their own subsidiaries or via corresponding partner companies.


Technical Innovations + Live-Demos
In addition to technical innovations from the world of selective soldering and reflow soldering (Ersa EXOS 10/26 combined with sophisticated automation solutions) as well as highly automated rework (in the form of the HR 500 and HR 600 XL systems), the Kurtz Ersa Alpha 140 3D printer was presented with live demos, among other things – the participating business partners completed the presented program with cutting-edge electronics manufacturing equipment, ASM SMT Solutions, for example, with a THT placement machine.

The “hardware” program was supplemented by a content-rich mix of lectures focusing on automation, Industry 4.0, stencil printing, 3D printing or “additive manufacturing”, cleaning methods and nitrogen systems. Lively exchanges took place not only during the lectures, but also directly in dialog with the technology experts directly at the systems and in the exchange with the participating partners. The panel discussion on press-fit technology with six physically present participants and further digitally connected experts provided an opportunity to look beyond one´s own horizons. The technology of pressing electronic components onto PCBs is increasingly being used for high-current applications and normal connectors.


Successful event, perfectly organized
Organizer Ersa received high praise for the successful event, which was unanimously appreciated by the participants for the perfect organization and a perfectly worked out and lived hygiene concept. The enthusiasm of all participants that a face-to-face meeting could finally take place again was literally tangible. “After many months at a distance, the Technology Forum finally allowed us to experience once again the feeling of togetherness that is so important for industries such as electronics manufacturing,” emphasized Ersa CEO Ralph Knecht. The best weather and an accompanying social program with a visit to the Kurtz Ersa hammer mill in Hasloch, barbecue on the roof terrace and live jazz music at the Ersa site in Wertheim put the famous icing on the cake of a successful event. “These were three great days, during which we brought the latest innovations for electronics manufacturing to customers and interested parties in cooperation with our partners – we will definitely repeat this again soon,” said a satisfied Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss at the end of the Technology Forum.