First Ersa Tech Day in Malaysia

Final group photo from Ersa Tech Day in Penang, Malaysia
Final group photo from Ersa Tech Day in Penang, Malaysia
Very well attended: the first Ersa Tech Day in Penang, Malaysia

Wertheim/Penang (Malaysia), 11.07.2018

Within 14 days, 90 registrations were received for the first Ersa Technology Day in Malaysia – making the date in Penang a complete success in advance. The room in the rented hotel was equipped for 90 people – with some additional chairs there was also room for the teams of Long Shine and Ersa. At the get-together from 9:30 a.m. many familiar faces from the extensive customer base around Penang as well as less well-known business contacts from purchasing, development and production management were present. Kurtz Ersa Asia CEO Bernd Schenker greeted those present on time at 10:00 a.m., before Ersa Product Manager Wolfram Hübsch received undivided attention for his presentation. He first dealt with solder paste printing in general before presenting the current VERSAPRINT 2 stencil printers with the models Elite, Elite Plus, Pro2 and Ultra3. Impressive for all participants: the live demonstration of the software via internet directly with the printer in the Wertheim demo room in the morning shortly after 4:00 a.m. German time. Bernd Schenker spoke about the opportunities regarding Internet of Things, among other things with regard to the entire electronics production, requirements for each individual process step, challenges and where Ersa can support as the No. 1 system supplier. This was not only presented, but also discussed controversially with the participants.

After the break with buffet in the hotel restaurant, lectures on reflow and wave soldering systems followed. Speakers Bernd Schenker and Ulrich Dosch, Manager Key Accounts & Business Development Kurtz Ersa Asia, each presented the technology in general and requirements in particular, followed by a machine presentation. On the one hand, the wide range of machines (for selective technology, highlights such as VERSAFLEX, VERSAFLUX, XL, VERSASCAN and VERSAEYE were presented) and on the other hand the actual machine costs. Running energy costs, N2 consumption, maintenance and cleaning costs, solder consumption and temperature tolerances were clearly shown for each machine type and process. Present purchasers and production managers listened attentively and immediately received corresponding tables by e-mail. “Please discuss your requirements with our sales partner Long Shine or directly with us – you and your PCBs are always welcome at our extensively equipped application and demo center in Penang. Ersa has the right machine for every requirement, every product and every throughput. From the SMARTFLOW 2020 to the flagship VERSAFLOW 4/55, which, thanks to its modular design, can be adapted and extended years later to meet changing requirements,” appealed Ulrich Dosch to the participants. Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss then gave an overview of available automation systems and showed the video of the installation at Ersa customer Ziehl-Abegg in Künzelsau (Germany) as an example. The throughput was doubled there with the same personnel deployment thanks to intelligent automation systems suitable for work. The roadmap of Ersa machines and tools was presented, the just opened central warehouse was mentioned. As a crowning highlight, five Kurtz Ersa wristwatches, a Bluetooth loudspeaker, an iPad and a Dyson hair dryer as the main prize were raffled among the participants. The participants from JABIL were particularly pleased because the hair dryer is manufactured on site in their factory on Ersa selective soldering systems. Around 5:30 p.m. an informative working day ended with a group picture.