Kurtz Ersa opens Central Warehouse

On-schedule completion, official opening and Open Day

Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz hands over the key to Logistics Director Matthias Hofmann
Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz hands over the key to Logistics Director Matthias Hofmann
Hand in hand for the central warehouse (from left): Karl-Heinz Rüth, Kreuzwertheim’s Mayor Klaus Thoma, Ersa General Sales Director Rainer Krauss, Logistics Director Matthias Hofmann, Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz, MSP District Administrator Thomas Schiebel
A glimpse into the interior of the Kurtz Ersa central warehouse
Open Day in the Kurtz Ersa central warehouse. Picking rack in front of the automated small parts storage area

Kreuzwertheim, 09.07.2018

After a building phase of just twelve months, the new central warehouse of Kurtz Ersa went into operation at the beginning of July. An occasion that was fittingly celebrated: with an official opening and an Open Day. In a festive setting on 02 July, Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz und Kurtz Ersa Logistics Director Matthias Hofmann officially opened the new central facility – with the symbolic warehousing of the first container. Alongside representatives of the companies and official bodies involved in the construction, the event was also attended by the Kurtz Ersa Management and the staff of the new location which accounted for an investment volume of around EUR 15 million. “The central warehouse supplies Kurtz Ersa customers worldwide with spare parts, and secures supply to the production facilities in our German locations. In this way we are elevating our inventory management to the next level with the latest logistics technology and electronically-linked logistic partners, permitting smooth production processes wherever they may be. And, of by no means lesser significance, the central warehouse provides urgently needed manufacturing capacity at the operative sites of Kurtz GmbH and Ersa GmbH,” said CEO Rainer Kurtz.

In order to present the mode of operation of the central warehouse to all Kurtz Ersa employees and the general public, an Open Day was held a few days later, on 7 July, in glorious weather – with an attractive supporting programme ranging from interactive stations to food trucks and from a coffee and cake buffet to entertainment for the children. As soon as the gates opened at 10 a.m., guests flocked into the light-flooded central warehouse to inspect the new Kurtz Ersa location. Groups of visitors regularly formed around the automated small parts area with 31,000 container storage spaces and tray storage offering an impressive 1,200 m² of storage space on a footprint of just 30 m2 to watch the automated processes in Kurtz Ersa logistics. Similar scenes could be observed in the wide-aisle warehouse with capacity for up to 3,300 standard euro pallets, where goods are reliably warehoused at a height of 13 meters using camera-supported forklifts. Following the inauguration celebrations, the Kurtz Ersa logistics staff will be kept busy up to September 2018 ramping up operations in the new premises. Step by step, existing stocks will be disbanded and moved to the new facility. With an effective area of around 8,000 m2, the new Kurtz Ersa Central Warehouse offers abundant capacity to ensure that the planned future growth can be catered for, fully automated.