New versions of the Ersa i-CON VARIO 2

Multi-channel soldering and desoldering station now with X-TOOL VARIO

Wertheim, 07.07.2021

Power electronics and new components in all areas of electronics are creating increased demand for high-performance soldering and desoldering tools. Whether in electronics development, prototyping or rework - Ersa's i-CON VARIO 2 and i-CON VARIO 4 multi-channel stations have been reliably in use for years.


For professional soldering users, Ersa introduces two new versions of the well-known and popular i-CON VARIO 2 family: Starting July 01, 2021, the powerful 200 W soldering station will be available with an X-TOOL VARIO (0ICV2000XV) alone or in combination with an i-TOOL (0ICV2000XVI). The X-TOOL VARIO is a THT desoldering iron whose ergonomic design makes it easy to reach soldering points even on narrowly assembled PCBs.


The existing versions usually have a hot air soldering iron i-TOOL AIR S and another connectable contact soldering tool, such as CHIP TOOL VARIO or i-TOOL. Parallel operation of two i-TOOL irons is also possible.


The advantages for users are clear:

 Simultaneous operation of two powerful soldering tools

  • 200 W power for high-mass applications
  • Integrated vacuum pump quickly and quietly provides the necessary vacuum for efficient solder extraction
  • Serial interfaces for control of heating plate and solder fume extraction
  • Uncomplicated updatable via SD card
  • Integrated system design for an organized work bench


With the right soldering tip and the right settings, even complex assemblies can be processed perfectly. The i-CON VARIO family is the multi-tool platform from Ersa!