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Ersa Webinar "Industry 4.0: Connectivity and digital solutions"


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Nicolas Bartschat - Product Manager Digitization 4.0, Ersa GmbH


Wertheim, 25.06.2020

With the webinar "Industry 4.0: Connectivity and Digital Solutions" Ersa once again proved its ambition as the world's leading system supplier for electronics manufacturing. Nicolas Bartschat, Product Manager Industry 4.0 at Ersa GmbH, led through the topic - both online dates were fully booked each with 30 participants. The fundamental goal of the digitalization associated with Industry 4.0 is the improvement and expansion of existing processes - with regard to service and process quality and with a view to comprehensive transparency in the production process in line with the keyword "Smart Production".


The digital solutions implemented for the Ersa systems are modular and can be expanded in stages. All solutions are securely networked using a gateway solution. Security issues are resolved with a strong partner (Microsoft Azure including certification) and bundled in the central platform Kurtz Ersa CONNECT. This integrated hardware and software infrastructure includes the following features: intelligent ticket system, machine monitoring, remote service, digital machine database, e-learning and OEE dashboard. In relation to the digitisation required at all levels, Nicolas Bartschat presented so-called "quick wins" - actions that can be implemented at short notice with relatively little effort and can lead to noticeable improvements in efficiency and quality. Basically, digitisation begins as a "mindset"; initial digitisation projects include machine documents, instructions or documentation and service forms. For example, Kurtz Ersa CONNECT creates the digital life cycle of a machine, which can be called up at any time, from anywhere - analogue, often decentralised paper sets are history.


Ersa relies on proven industry standards for maximum security when connecting manufacturing systems to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). " Only a solid and well thought-out concept can guarantee security, transparency and future-proofness," said industry 4.0 expert Nicolas Bartschat. The Kurtz Ersa GATE is the universal tool for reliable machine connection, which is used uniformly across the entire product portfolio - a standard interface with standard protocols for the industrial implementation of safety issues. In addition, GATE reduces integration costs and keeps existing production systems updateable worldwide. In addition, solutions for assembly traceability and product carrier tracing to increase productivity and process quality were presented before the participants' questions about availability and usability were answered. Conclusion: For every digitisation project, the Industry 4.0 experts from Ersa GmbH rely on flexible, modular solutions with secure connectivity for more output, transparency and future viability.