The redefinition of rework - Ersa Hybrid Rework 600

New powerful and fully integrated rework system for the automatic repair of electronic assemblies

Ersa's newly developed HR 600 hybrid rework system ties up nearly 15 years of rework know-how and redefines this technology according to the requirements of modern assembly repair.


It is still impossible for any electronics manufacturer to do without the repair (rework) of electronic assemblies in production and of returned products. Today, rework is considered as contribution to saving resources, and it is a fully-fledged value added process at many production sites. The customers' demands on the rework system have grown further in order to repair increasingly complex assemblies both safely and in a cost-efficient way:


The thermal process, for example, should be both quick and safe for as many types of components as possible - from QFT to BGA and MLF. It must be possible to safely repair all SMD types and sizes in a reproducible manner. The rework results shall be on a constant and high quality level independent from the operators' qualifications. Ersa's new HR 600 system meets these requirements. It unifies all essential process steps in one system and offers all options: from manual operation up to automatic soldering, desoldering and placement requiring only little action from the operator. 


The HR 600 is equipped with a highly dynamic and efficient heating technology with the bottom-side heating (2,400 W) being divided into three independent heating zones. The newly developed hybrid top-side emitter provides 800 W of heating power and combines the advantages of infrared heating with those of a convection heater. In order to thermally control the rework process the HR 600 uses the proven closed-loop technology. The component temperature is measured and can be controlled exactly. What is new is that the non-contact temperature measurement is even more precise due to a digital infrared sensor (pyrometer). 


Machine highlight of the HR 600 is that heating and placement head are installed on a highly precise, motorized axes positioning system. The board remains fix on the large-surface bottom-side heater. Soldering and placement is effected via the automatable movement of the heating and placement head. Digital USB cameras recognize the component position on the board and the alignment of the component to be placed. The specially developed image processing software automatically compares this information and inserts the component precisely into exactly the right space.


Visual process control and dip & print processes for solder paste or flux application are further available options. 


At the same time the HR 600 is a new platform that can be adapted modularly and step by step to future rework requirements. Despite the multitude of functions and options provided the HR 600 remains a very compact system with a footprint of about 85 x 60 cm offering an attractive price-performance Ratio.