Tools-Roadshow makes a stop at Ersa

Ersa Area Sales Manager Manfred Wolff greeting the Tools Roadshow in Wertheim
Ersa Area Sales Manager Manfred Wolff greeting the Tools Roadshow in Wertheim
Ersa Area Sales Manager Manfred Wolff explains how to achieve optimal results when soldering with the right tools
Ersa Tools expert Ralf Walk presents various soldering tools at the Roadshow
At the Ersa Roadshow the coffee break is used for talking shop directly at the soldering tools

Wertheim, 11.10.2018

Ersa Tools once again organized its popular roadshow this year: At eleven locations in Germany, interested parties had the opportunity to travel to one of the one-day roadshow dates. As always, the soldering experts also made a stop at the Ersa site in Wertheim am Main – 20 participants from various companies wanted to learn more about this year´s topic “Demanding soldering and desoldering on electronic assemblies”.

Ersa Tools expert Manfred Wolff presented the company and introduced the current main topics, such as soldering large BGAs on large boards, processing assemblies with underfilled BGAs, LGAs or BTCs – frequently used in smartphones – or the use of smaller chip components such as 0402, 0201 and 01005. The coffee break was already used intensively for exchanging soldering requirements directly in the demo room of Ersa Soldering Tools. Many details have to be considered, which tool, which system, which flux, soldering at which temperature – for optimal results tinkerers are needed who work tirelessly towards the perfect result. After the lunch break, the participants´ own components were discussed directly and recommendations were given about the ideal hand soldering device, rework or inspection system to be used. The entire Ersa Tools product portfolio was available for this purpose, including the rework systems HR 200 for beginners and HR 550 with non-contact solder removal module, the i-CON VARIO 4 multi-function soldering station, the ERSASCOPE 2 BGA inspection system and the EASY ARM solder fume extraction system for health-friendly work. This hands-on part was unanimously rated as particularly valuable by the participants, as the Ersa experts also showed alternative machining methods that lead to a better result – for example through lower thermal stress for the PCB and components. The roadshow season is almost over for this year, with Oberhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia scheduled for a final date. For the coming year, planning is already underway, and due to corresponding demand also beyond the state borders. Until the Ersa Tools Roadshow 2019!