Customer-specific technology days

in theory and practice along the limits of industrial feasibility with regard to soldering machines.


For technology companies at home and abroad, we offer exclusive technology days consisting of a theoretical and a hands-on part. The Technology Days are individually arranged according to your wishes and requirements.

Since the seminars are planned and carried out exclusively for your company, the theoretical and practical phases can be tailored exactly to the needs of your employees. In addition, the exchange of knowledge and experience between your own employees across departments and locations is stimulated.



The focus of the one or two-day intensive course is on the teaching of the limits of what is industrially feasible and the practical implementation on machines and plants, taking into account the process with incorrectly set machine parameters. An open discussion of practical examples is encouraged.

More on the contents of the Technology Days
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Dates on request!


Individual module variation adapted to your needs and wishes.

Theoretical part

  • Solder paste printing:
    • Stencils - types, layout
    • Print medai and parameter
    • Printing errors and their causes


  • Reflow soldering:
    • Definition of process windows
    • Soldering defects and their causes
    • Quality parameters for reflow soldering


  • Selective and wave soldering:
    • Requirements on the PCB and the PCB design
    • Selective soldering with mini wave and/or multi-wave
    • Process window and production throughput


Practical part

Divided into groups, the machine design and practical application are demonstrated. The focus is on parameter setting and monitoring as well as the influence on the soldering result if the parameters are inside and outside the limit range.


  • High flexibility due to modular, individual training concept
  • Ensuring high quality by keeping costs as low as possible
  • Higher process reliability through trained employees
  • Platform for the exchange of your employees across departments and locations
  • Know-how is distributed among several people
  • Current training documents
  • Facing the market with a view to the future