Ersa Know-How Seminars

Customized training and education for staff qualification in electronics production - choose “Lead-Free Wave and Selective Soldering” or “Reflow Soldering and Solder Paste Printing”


Our training courses are pefectly tailored to today´s requirements in electronics production and are constantly adapted to the latest developments. Relevant standards, such as IPC-A-610, are the basis for evaluating soldering results.


High-quality training materials, professionally equipped training centers and qualified trainers with extensive practical experience supply each participant with important background knowledge along with the practical skills. In this way you will improve quality, reliability and reproducibility of solder joints due to sophisticated soldering training.


Ersa Know-How Seminars

Lead-Free Wave and Selective Soldering
Lead-Free Wave and Selective Soldering

The two-day “Lead-free wave and selective soldering” course with solder joint assessment teaches theoretical and practical know-how on wave and selective soldering.

Reflow Soldering and Solder Paste Printing
Reflow Soldering and Solder Paste Printing

The course “Reflow soldering and solder paste printing of multi-pole SMT and QFN components” teaches know-how on solder paste printing and reflow soldering.


Jürgen Friedrich, Head of Process Engineering Ersa GmbH


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