Process technology and optimization

Practical training for service and maintenance of your soldering machines. Learn more about process technology and how to optimize the performance of your Ersa systems!


Optimize the processes of your Ersa machines


The training contents are individually adapted to the requirements of the respective customer:

Training for machine operators
Here the machine operators learn the basic operation of their systems; in addition, machine-specific features are taught.

Training for employees in the maintenance/repair departments
The maintenance of the soldering systems is most clearly communicated during direct training on the machine. Tricks and tricks for effective troubleshooting are taught.

What do you get out of it?
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  • Best possible quality through professional advice
  • Ensuring process stability through optimally combined process and plant training
  • Higher productivity due to less or shorter machine downtimes
  • Higher productivity due to lower error rate
  • Know-how is distributed among several people
  • Quality optimisation