Service Machine Trainings

Have your service team or individual employees trained specifically on Ersa soldering systems - in stencil printing and reflow, wave and selective soldering.


Your opportunity for targeted training of individual employees on Ersa soldering systems in all technology areas. Now new: the VERSAFLOW 4 training, further training offers will follow.



In the three-day training course on the VERSAFLOW 4, you will receive comprehensive first-hand information on the high-end selective soldering system. The theory part provides an overview of the machines with options, basic information on the soldering process, modules in detail and special features, preparations for production and optimal soldering process as well as influencing factors.


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Theoretical part

  • Overview of the machine
  • Basics of the soldering process
  • Modules in detail and special features
  • Preparations of production
  • Optiaml soldering process and influencing parameters


Practical part

In the practical part you will experience and learn yourself operation, maintenance and handling for process optimization in your production.


  • Operation and settings of the machine
  • Maintenance and special features
  • Calibration
  • Soldering program creation and optimization

Your benefit

  • Better understanding of the soldering process and correlations
  • Expansion of skills in operation and maintenance
  • Assurance of the process stability
  • Optimization of quality in production
  • Ensuring high machine availability


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