Efficient cooling of board assemblies for production islands and production lines.

Efficient assembly cooling with the Ersa FIFO TOWER C
Efficient assembly cooling with the Ersa FIFO TOWER C
Ersa FIFO TOWER C - example of an installation
Ersa FIFO TOWER C - example of an installation

With the FIFO TOWER C, Ersa expands its product range by an efficient "first in - first out" cooling unit. The FIFO TOWER C homogeneously and efficiently cools down complete assemblies with or without board carriers. Lowering of the temperature of the soldered assembly is realized in the basic system by a circulation fan. If a cold water supply is available at the system, this can be connected to the FIFO TOWER C. This will increase the cooling capacity. A further rise of the cooling efficiency is achieved by an active cooling process consisting of a built-in air conditioning unit with an integrated convection cooling unit.


Universally applicable, smallest footprint

With a shuttle-elevator, the board assemblies are stored in the available cooling position. The intelligent buffer system allows for the simultaneous, vertical storage of up to eight electronic board assemblies. Depending on the cycle time of the soldering system, the duration of the cooling process can be programmed. If this duration is in accordance with the line cycle, it is ensured, that even during a production stoppage before or inside the soldering system, the soldering unit can be run empty from board assemblies.


Loading or unloading the FIFO TOWER C can be effected manually or automatically. The optional SMEMA interface allows communicating with further board handling or production systems. When in combination with the selective soldering system ECOCELL, Ersa offers, as system solution for the FIFO TOWER C, an additional infeed conveyor. Thanks to its small foot print, the FIFO TOWER C can universally be integrated in all production lines and production islands, and it offers the ideal cooling concept for the electronic manufacturing industry.

Technical Highlights


  • Ideal system solution for production islands and production lines
  • Communication capability with other industrial equipment through SMEMA Interface
  • "First in - first out" concept
  • After cooling, immediate inspection or handling of the assemblies possible
  • High volume of air circulating for effective cooling
  • Optional chiller of active cooling available
  • Cooling reinforced at three stations with additional fans
  • 5 additional boards or board carriers can be buffered
  • Independent microprocessor controls
  • Cooling time programmable
  • Manual or automatic loading and unloading, depending on the configuration specified



  • Stable system frame
  • Precision drive
  • Microprocessor control with control console
  • Air circulation cooling and built-in chiller, to be connected to cold water circulation (12-15°C)   
  • Manual load and unload


  • Automatic load and unload
  • Active cooling with integrated ac system and air circulation unit
  • In-line interface (SMEMA)
  • Special paint


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