Solder, Flux & Consumables

Everything centered on soldering - Ersa offers, from a single source, the complete range of process materials for the manufacture of electronic products.

When the subject is soldering, Ersa is your partner No.1, which delivers all you need: specialized equipment and tools, temperature measuring units, auxiliary materials and consumables needed to manufacture and rework high-quality printed circuit boards. Ersa solder wire is manufactured exclusively from high-quality raw materials. By being manufactured on the most modern equipment, they meet as quality standards. They are manufactured in different dimensions and alloys, so that for all applications the right product is at hand. The different flux cores available permit the individual adaptation to all demands placed by soldering technology, particularly those as found in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry.


Proven use in SMD repair

Just like the solder wire, Ersa solder bars are cast from the first, the initial melt. They are particularly suited for filling of solder baths. To facilitate melting during the initial fill of the solder bath, the bars can be delivered in 50 mm sections. When used with high-powered solder irons and suitable fluxes, they can also be used to solder cable lugs of large cross sections and in sheet metal work. Ersa no-clean fluxes and flux pastes have proven themselves particularly in all rework process found in the SMD technology.


Like all Ersa consumables, they comply with all current norms and quality standards and requirements. With the aid of a flux pen respectively cartridge, which is delivered with a plunger and a tube, they can be applied very easily and very precisely. Excess material is removed, if required, with the flux-remover with the aid of absorbent, non-fraying paper towels or, if called for, ESD-safe products specially manufactured for this application.