0T04 (discontinued)

Article No.: 0T04
Solder bath for 1900 g solder, 400 Watt


ERSA solder bath T 04

Solder baths - ideal for tin plating of stranded wire braids


ERSA solder baths consist of electrically heated melting pots for tin/lead and similar alloy solder. The high-capacity ceramic heating elements are exchangeable and mounted to the pot. They feature a thermal insulation towards the external sheet metal housing.

For the T 02, T 03, T 04, T 05, T 06, T 07 and T 25 solder baths half power operation can be selected. Thanks to the high temperature of appr. 600°C (1112°F) the T 02 and T 07 solder baths are particularly suitable for tin plating of enameled copper wires.

The scope of delivery includes a 1.5 m (4.9 ft) cable. To increase soldering quality and reduce the formation of oxides as well as for energy saving purposes we recommend to use our temperature regulator ERSA 0RA4500 D.




Spare heating element: 05X100A1 number of heating elements: 4 Stück

Technical Data

Power Rating in W
Power supply in V
Temperature / max
Width in mm
Length in mm
Depth in mm
Weight in kg
solder amount in gramm



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