Article No.: 0IC1200A
electronically controlled soldering station, 80 W

i-CON NANO with i-TOOL NANO (0IC1200A)
i-CON NANO with i-TOOL NANO (0IC1200A)
Configuration with microSD card
MicroSD card with i-CON NANO software and SD-card reader (0IC128)


Ersa i-CON PICO and i-CON NANO

Ersa Soldering Tools


Compact, powerful and professional!

  • Digital soldering station with ultra light and ergonimical i-TOOL NANO soldering iron

  • Very small footprint (145 x 80 mm) - saves valuable desk space

  • Three fix temperatures or adjustable temperature setting from 150 to 450 °C

  • Settable energy levels
  • Automatic standby and shut down mode to save energy and tip life time
  • Wide range of exchangable and price attractive soldering tips (series 102)
  • Parameter setting via PC software and microSD card
  • Antistatic design

(115 V version only in the USA)


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Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm
80 x 145 x 103
Weight in kg
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Power Rating in W
Nominal voltage in V AC
230 or 115
Secondary voltage in V
Heat up time in sec
Temperature range in °C
Digital display (y/n)
Test symbol


Applications i-CON NANO

The i-CON NANO suits all SMT und PTH soldering applications in production, repair and R&D. With the i-TOOL NANO soldering iron the tip series 102 can be used.

PTH and SMD soldering, fine to medium applications

If you have application questions, please contact our application experts.

Connectable tools

Ersa recommends the following accessories:

Further accessories can be found in the Ersa Shop.

Available versions

The following versions or modules are available:

i-CON NANO with i-TOOL NANO, 230V
i-CON NANO with i-TOOL NANO, 230V

Article No.: 0IC1200A
i-CON NANO with i-TOOL NANO, 115 V
i-CON NANO with i-TOOL NANO, 115 V

Article No.: 1IC1200A00A67



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