Vacuum pipette


Ersa SVP 100


SMD-Vampir Component Placer



The Ersa SMD-Vampir is tailor-made for the easy, safe and precise handling of SMD components. The ESD feature enables you to work safely on voltage-sensitive SMT components. You can store suction nozzles and cups, currently not being used, safely in the end of the aluminum grip, where they are easily acces-sible at all times.


Technische Daten:

Housing: nickel plated aluminium handle

Length: 150mm

Diameter housing: 14 mm


Article number:

0SVP 100 vaccum pipette SMD-Vampir with bent sucction nozzle and three rubber cups



0SVP12G Sucction nozzle, straight

0SVP12K Sucction nozzle, bent

0SVP13A sucction cups (set) ESD-safe, sizes each 1 x 4, 6 and 9 mm

Technical Data

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