Article No.: 0100CDJ
High performance soldering iron for i-CON soldering stations, 150 W

soldering a chip component with the i-TOOL
i-TOOL with optional N2 Kit 0109IN2-UKIT

The professional i-TOOL soldering iron with high-power heating element

  • Fast heat up and heat recovery:
    from room temperature to 350 °C in approx. 9 seconds
    from Standby-temperature (280 °C) to 350 °C in approx. 3 seconds
  • Ultra light weight iron: less than 30g (without cable)
  • Adjustable process window and process window alarm
  • Three setable energy levels for dynamic performance
  • Automatic standby sensor
  • Calibration data is stored in the individual tool
  • Ultra wide range of standard and special soldering tips, 102 series
  • retrofittable with N2 Kit

Technical Data

Weight in g
30g (without cable)
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Nominal voltage in V AC
Power Rating in W
Heat up time in sec
Temperature range in °C
150 - 450


  • soldering of high mass PTH components
  • for ultrafine applications
  • for applications with limited space
  • reproducible soldering results because of precise and fast temperature control


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Fitting soldering tips

Available versions

The following product versions are available:

i-TOOL Standard
i-TOOL Standard

Article No.: 0100CDJ
i-TOOL with 4 m cable
i-TOOL with 4 m cable

Article No.: 0100CDJ049



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