X-TOOL (discontinued)

Article No.: 0720EDJ
Desoldering tool for conventional PTH components, 120 W


Reproducible PTH-component removal!

  • Unique heat storage concept allows short desoldering times
  • Proven Ersa SENSOTRONIC-control for fast heat recovery
  • Ergonomical Design
  • Wide range of desoldering tips for different solder joint sizes


-- Product discontinued 06 / 2018 --

Alternative product: X-TOOL VARIO (check compatibility with older stations!)

Technical Data

Weight in g
240 (incl. cable and tip)
Antistatic Design (y/n)
Nominal voltage in V AC
Power Rating in W
2 x 60
Heat up time in sec
application depending
Temperature range in °C
150 - 450


  • desoldering of PTH-components on medium to high mass PCBs
  • for desoldering of heat sensitive  conventional components
  • also suitable on densly populated boards
Anwendung X-TOOL


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