RF Technology provides up to 90% Energy Savings

Biomaterials can also be processed with WAVE FOAMER

For an energy consumption reduced by up to 90%: Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with radio frequency technology
For an energy consumption reduced by up to 90%: Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with radio frequency technology
Saving energy – for our future and for climate protection!

Kreuzwertheim, 24.07.2020
In the course of global efforts to protect the climate, energy efficiency in the industry is of great importance in terms of environmental policy. China and the USA, both countries with enormous energy requirements, are among the core sales markets of Kurtz GmbH. This is not the only reason why it is important for these countries to offer a low-energy solution for the particle foam processing sector. A major problem in the industry is that the energy used is often lost as unused waste heat. The situation is similar with the conventional steam process for the processing of particle foams. The tool must be cooled down by adding water or steam.


Highly efficient RF process saves 90% energy

The Kurtz WAVE FOAMER will play a central role for the plastics industry in the future. Its particle foam fusing process, based on radio frequency technology and using electromagnetic waves, offers first-class energy savings compared to the conventional steam process. For some materials already today up to 90%. Moreover, the use of radio frequency achieves the best possible fusion from the inside to the outside.


The future lies in new materials – RF is unique

A further essential advantage of the RF technology is the possibility to process promising materials on the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER. These are for example high temperature resistant and biodegradable materials. Kurtz GmbH is currently working on several reference projects for the Asian, North American and European continent. The company is working at full speed to further optimize its new RF technology and to make new materials available for processing as quickly as possible. The Kurtz RF technology is currently the benchmark. Kurtz is the only supplier capable of fusing particle foams in top quality and with melting points of over 240°C. This corresponds to a steam pressure of up to 40 bar, which is not possible with the steam process. The classic steam moulding process can handle a maximum of up to 8 bar.


Green Technology – new fields of application through RF

RF will offer the possibility to process more and more materials, thus paving the way for new applications. However, the existing fields of application will also receive new impulses. In addition to the industry mentioned above, the residential sector, for example, also plays an important role in energy saving. This is where RF technology comes in, as it can be used to produce applications that contribute to a better energy balance. In this example: Insulation panels. They prevent that too much energy or heat from the buildings is being released into the environment. With RF it is now possible to produce recycled insulation panels with up to 100% recycled material. The recycled content in the standard steam process is a maximum of 20%. Thus the revolutionary Kurtz RF technology also actively contributes to the recycling economy.


The issue of energy saving should also be an essential point for your climate protection strategy. For more information please contact Kurtz GmbH at info@kurtz.de or +49 9342 807-0.