Materials for lightweight construction. Conserving resources for our future!

The application spectrum of Kurtz Automotive Solutions ranges from rapid prototyping to series casting and special solutions. Kurtz manufactures for small quantities of a pilot series or automated mass production. Coreless designs (open deck design) as well as designs in “closed deck”. The machines are equipped with core pulls according to the casting. Special design detail: the precise guidance of the core pulls.

Applications of Kurtz Protective Solutions allow EPP processing up to 5 bar. EPP parts with high quality requirements regarding dimensional accuracy, welding and surface are produced. The THERMO SELECT process also opens up new areas in particle foam processing. It allows temperature zones to be controlled separately. This enables the production of molded parts with high-quality surfaces, thin-walled parts and precision parts. Innovative combination parts made of EPP and thermoplastic become possible. With proven up to 80% smaller steam chamber volume compared to the standard mold.