Kurtz POWerBoard

Considerable increase in performance and yield of your plant while reducing energy consumption - sounds good? Find out more about the Kurtz POWerBoard and get a high ROI quickly and with low risk by connecting your production!

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our production processes and the entire manufacturing industry. Digitized processes, products and services are creating new levels of efficiency. Act early and become a pioneer in your field with Kurtz!


With the brand new digital solution Kurtz POWerBoard you can track down different qualities of your produced castings. Apparently identical conditions are based on a variety of influencing variables. By using sensors on your individual machines and lines, plant data can be continuously collected and analysed. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is calculated permanently on the basis of defined parameters for quality, performance and availability. The performance of your worldwide production sites can also be compared in this way.


Less unscheduled machine downtime, more efficient utilization of the entire machine park and increased service speed are just a few of the numerous advantages for you.


Take a profitable path with Kurtz to increase the productivity of your plant by …

  • connecting machines and collecting data,
  • monitoring the performance,
  • becoming even smarter - through analysis and forecasting


Through our certified partner with private data centers in Western Europe, we can guarantee you a secure encrypted transmission and consolidation of all data generated at your location. The servers offer backup and failover for your machine data. A cloud gives you worldwide access to your data and allows you to use it 24/7 to take preventive measures.


How does the Kurtz POWerBoard work in detail? Which hardware and software is it based on? Further information about our solution as well as the answers to the previous questions can be given at the Kurtz booth. Let our experts advise you individually. A team of data scientists and qualified engineers is eager to talk to you!


Kurtz POWerBoard - the solution to optimize your casting production