Low-pressure casting machines with furnace-shuttle system

Low-Pressure Casting Machine Kurtz AL 18-16 FSC
Low-Pressure Casting Machine Kurtz AL 18-16 FSC


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Best casting quality, less nonproductive time and scrap

Intelligent furnace exchange concepts contribute significantly to the maximum machine availability. Kurtz furnace shuttle systems also ensure highest machine availability increasing productive time and reducing scrap. The result is best castings quality while saving energy.


  • Maximum availability through process parallel furnace exchange
  • Reduction of nonproductive time
  • Highest melting quality - best casting quality
  • Reducing scrap
  • Best insulation - energy / cost savings

Technical details

 Kurtz low-pressure
 casting machine

10-7 13-13 16-13 18-16
Mold mounting area in mm
(between the columns)
1.020 x
1.350 x 1.350 1.680 x 1.330 1.800 x 1.680

Daylight max. (in mm)

1.805 1.905 2.300 2.600
Stroke closing plate (in mm) 1.100 1.100 1.800 1.800


Other sizes available on request