1 shot, 2 engine blocks! Economical multiple use of the most demanding parts.

Kurtz AL18-12SC
Kurtz AL18-12SC

Superior tool change with change times
of less than 30 min

“There´s no such thing as can´t!” – we have written this slogan on our flag. We regard the wishes and requirements of our customers as a challenge. Thus, together with the customer, we have created highly flexible and economical solutions with which the most complex castings made of aluminum alloys can be produced extremely economically on the basis of the low-pressure casting process.


Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology
Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology

The Kurtz Technology provides remedy which other technologies are not able to: max. “up-time”, superior quality, low scrap rates + big competitive advantages!

Kurtz Turnkey Solutions
Kurtz Turnkey Solutions

Automated Low Pressure Foundry


  • Swiveling core pulls
  • Innovative coupling technology for the fastest mold changes and shortest maintenance times
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
  • Low pressure control with proportional technology
  • Interchangeable furnace system

Technical data

 Kurtz Low-pressure Casting Machines SO

AL17-11 / AZ79
AL21-13 / AZ80
 Free clamping area in mm
(between the columns)
1,780 x 1,140 2,100 x 1,340 1,800 x 1,680

 Clear width max. (in mm)

2,000 2,000 2,600
 Stroke-closing plate (in mm) 1,400 1,400 1,800


Other sizes on request