Even more clamping surface and hydraulic power – with lower overall height!


The AL28-18-18FSC expands the portfolio of Kurtz low-pressure casting machines with even more clamping area and hydraulic power. Despite outstanding performance, the low-pressure casting machine equipped with many innovative functions has remained remarkably compact. This means you are ideally equipped for the future of low-pressure casting: with maximum energy efficiency and an economical casting process.

The advantages of low-pressure casting technology for the production of chassis and engine parts are many, e.g. very good strength values and high dimensional accuracy. The technology is particularly interesting for the aluminum casting of safety-relevant parts, for example when it comes to pressure-tight components with the highest load requirements in vacuum, hydraulic and high-voltage technology.


Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology
Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology

The Kurtz Technology provides remedy which other technologies are not able to: max. “up-time”, superior quality, low scrap rates + big competitive advantages!

Kurtz Turnkey Solutions
Kurtz Turnkey Solutions

Automated Low Pressure Foundry


  • high clamping force of 54 t with simultaneous high opening force of 100 t
  • innovative vacuum system for venting and core gas extraction
  • extremely powerful, yet low-noise hydraulics
  • parallel movements
  • quick-change and quick-clamping system for moulds
  • large clamping surface
  • large clear width between the columns
  • easy tool change
  • new ejector system
  • intelligent, energy-efficient cooling
  • 96 controlled water cooling / 96 air cooling / 96 mixing circuits
  • multiple riser system (12 risers and more)
  • highest energy efficiency due to speed-controlled motor-pump drives
  • easiest maintenance
  • intelligent machine control

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