Low-pressure casting machines with stationary closing unit and movable holding furnace

Kurtz AL13-13SC
Kurtz AL13-13SC

Kurtz technology also for exchange furnace systems

Machines with stationary closing unit and movable holding furnace - the so-called S-versions - make a better accessibility for maintenance work possible and allow the use of exchangeable furnace systems by crane, fork lift etc.


Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology
Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology

The Kurtz Technology provides remedy which other technologies are not able to: max. “up-time”, superior quality, low scrap rates + big competitive advantages!

Kurtz Turnkey Solutions
Kurtz Turnkey Solutions

Automated Low Pressure Foundry


  • Closing unit with 4 solid guiding bars and 2 mold closing cylinders
  • Resistance furnace with thyristor control
  • Shuttle furnace designed for easy change of riser tube and furnace maintenance
  • Hydraulic system with safe, water glycol base fluid
  • Programmable microprocessor control (SPS) with process visualization on colour monitor, user-friendly, direct display of messages
  • Automatic pressure compensation for the metal used in each shot

Technical details

 Kurtz low-pressure
 casting machine SC

10-7 13-13



Mold mounting area in mm
(between the columns)
1.020x740 1.350x1.350 1.680x1.330 1.800x1.680

Daylight max. (in mm)

1.805 1.905 2.300 2.600
Stroke closing plate (in mm) 1.100 1.100 1.800 1.800


Other sizes available on request