Starter model with a high quality standard at an affordable price level

Low-Pressure Casting Machine Kurtz AL16-12SR
Low-Pressure Casting Machine Kurtz AL16-12SR
Low-Pressure Casting Machine: Media connector
Low-Pressure Casting Machine: Ejector

The best quality at "the best price"

Best price segment is far away from anything, but offers great value for the money. Customers will get the well-known Kurtz quality standard. The Kurtz pressure control system as the key of the process is the most accurate in the market.

Furthermore the Kurtz AL 16-12 SR stands out by easy handling and operator friendliness. Standardized components guarantee shortest delivery time as well as rapid machine installation and start-up.


Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology
Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology

The Kurtz Technology provides remedy which other technologies are not able to: max. “up-time”, superior quality, low scrap rates + big competitive advantages!

Kurtz Turnkey Solutions
Kurtz Turnkey Solutions

Automated Low Pressure Foundry


  • Closing unit with 4 solid guiding bars and 2 mold closing cylinders
  • Resistance furnace with thyristor control
  • Hydraulic system with safe, water glycol base fluid
  • Programmable microprocessor control (SPS) with process visualization on color monitor, user-friendly, direct display of messages
  • Automatic pressure compensation for the metal used in each shot

Technical details

Kurtz low-pressure
casting machine SR

Free area without core pulls
(between the columns)
1.600 x 1.200 mm

Inside width max.

1.700 mm
Stroke closing plate 1.100 mm


Other sizes available on request