Low-pressure casting machines with tiltable closing unit and fixed crucible style furnace

Low-Pressure Casting Machine Kurtz AL13-13TC
Low-Pressure Casting Machine Kurtz AL13-13TC

Highly flexible universal low-pressure casting machine

The machine type TC is ideally suited for the specific requirements of jobbing foundries.


The crucible style furnace allows easy reacting to different alloys. A further advantage is the compact design for installation even in smaller foundry shops with limited height. Nevertheless the machines are known for their flexibility.


Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology
Kurtz Low-Pressure Casting Technology

The Kurtz Technology provides remedy which other technologies are not able to: max. “up-time”, superior quality, low scrap rates + big competitive advantages!

Kurtz Turnkey Solutions
Kurtz Turnkey Solutions

Automated Low Pressure Foundry


  • Closing unit with 4 solid guiding columns and 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • Resistance furnace with thyristor control
  • Tiltable closing unit > quick riser tube exchange, easy furnace maintenance, minimum height requirements in the building and optimum accessibility
  • Hydraulic system with safe, water glycol base fluid
  • Programmable microprocessor control (PLC) with process visualization on colour monitor, user-friendly, direct display of messages
  • Automatic pre-pressure compensation for the metal used in each shot

Technical details

 Kurtz low-pressure
 casting machine

10-7 13-13 13-13
Mold mounting area in mm
(between the columns)

1.020 x 740

1.350 x 1.350

1.380 x 1.330

Daylight max. (in mm)

1.805 1.805 2.300
Stroke closing plate (in mm) 1.100 1.100 1.800


Other sizes available on request