Low-Pressure Casting for Sand Package/Metal Dies

Low-Pressure Casting for Metal Dies and Sand Packages

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Kurtz low-pressure casting for metal dies (left) and sand packages (right)

With the feeder box Kurtz offers a previously unknown flexibility in casting and feeding of parts by means of the low-pressure casting process - independent from the part contour and without additional heat supply. As the number of gating systems and feeders is not limited, several smaller gatings can be positioned in different spots at the casting. Further proven option is the use of several riser tubes.


Significant reduction of cycle material

A further advantage of low-pressure casting lies in the reduction of returns. This is impressively demonstrated in the example of a compressor housing. With low pressure casting, one can count on considerably lower costs for cleaning, rework, and re-melting of returns.

Besides, as a rule the output is increased, because the process is more reproducible and less dependent on external influences. No matter whether a classical, rather rotationally symmetric part, or components that require a more complex gating system is cast: Kurtz always offers the most suitable solution for low pressure casting!