Trimming Technology

Profitable Trimming Solutions developed and realized by Kurtz - technologically leading for all applications!

Even the best casting has flash. This has to be removed before the casting can be processed further. Besides conventional manual fettling, highly profitable automated trimming solutions are now available. An important part in trimming technology is the trimming press including the mold. Kurtz presses can be used with cast parts made from high-pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting processes.

Depending on the application, Kurtz offers trimming presses in C-frame, column and frame design. Kurtz presses can be equipped according to the customer´s requirements with additional accessories such as rams, clamp down and removal devices, blow down functions and spraying units. Furthermore, the platen can be designed as a tilting, sliding or sliding-tilting table and is available for all press designs.

Kurtz trimming presses with innovative technical solutions: Press stroke and clamp down device, for example, are equipped with an integrated contactless and thus wear-free measuring system. It is infinitely adjustable via the press control system and visualization. The press hydraulics are fitted with proportional valve technology. Therefore the ejecting pressure can be chosen freely via the press control system. Additional energy can be saved due to ideal adjustment of the pump pressure curve and a timeout feature on the very quiet variable capacity pumps. The castings are removed via robust removing slides with an integrated blow-down function. They are tiltable and infinitely adjustable in height. Alternatively, parts can also be removed by robot. The press is controlled via Siemens S7-300 with a user-friendly visualization.