KPS SKT Series

Trimming presses with sliding tilting table function – mighty fast and quiet!

Kurtz KPS 3000
Kurtz KPS 3000
Kurtz KPS 2000
Kurtz KPS 3000

Kurtz KPS with sliding tilt table

In the last few years, die casting has developed rapidly – this means that the trimming press in the cell is becoming increasingly important. While in the past the die casting process was the determining factor for the possible cycle time, it is currently the trimming process for which Kurtz currently offers the largest and fastest system on the market.


  • Sliding function via hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic swivel drive tilts up to 180°
  • Tilt angle freely programmable
  • Speed profile free programmable
  • Recipe management to store machine and process data

Technical data

 KPS SKT-Trimming Presses /
 Sliding-Tilting Table

KPS 1000 KPS 2000 KPS 3000
 Press Force (kN) 1,000 2,000 3,000

 Clearance between guiding columns





 Max. Installtaion Height (mm) 2,500 2,200 1,800
 Max. Tappet Stroke (mm) 1,500 1,300 1,200

 Storke holding down clamp / ejection cylinder (mm)

150-400 150-400 150-400
 Max. retaining force (kN) 85-270 85-270 85-270
 Table Height (mm) - standard 1,350 1,900 1,900


Further sizes on request


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