EPP Pre-Expander

Reduction of raw material and protection of resources.

Kurtz VSD 1000 HP2.5
Kurtz VSD 1000 HP2.5
Kurtz X-LINE 1 HP 3
Kurtz VSD 1000 HP2.5

Kurtz Pre-Expanders are high quality machines developed for automatic pre-expansion of expandable polypropylene (EPP) which had been continuously improved and developed further based on the experience of many years and on regular exchange with raw material suppliers. They convince by high productivity, quality and reliability helping EPP-processors to be less dependent on price increases on EPP raw material and energy.


The modern control concept of EPP Pre-Expanders is realised on a colour touch panel with an integrated PLC. A precise steam pressure control in a range of +/-0,1 bar and an electrical weighing unit enables the processor to pre-expand homogeneous bulk densities from 15-60 g/l with lowest tolerances of +/-1 g/l. With this big density tolerances in the raw material of +/-2-5 g/l can be compensated during the pre-expanding process.

Highest Profitability

Using a Kurtz EPP Pre-Expander enormous cost reductions are possible: a truck - for example - can transport five times more raw material per journey. Due to the potential savings in regard to raw material consumption at a throughput of approx. 100 tons per month the investment cost can pay off within two years.


  • Even density distribution
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution in pre-expansion boiler
  • Stabilisation of EPE/EPP beads in fluid bed
  • High material throughput
  • Low energy consumption

Process Optimisation

  • Density control
  • Cellular wheel sluice for material transport into silo
  • Weighing unit for raw material
  • Wedge wire sieve for homogeneous temperature control
  • Exact pressure regulation +/- 0,1 bar


  • Overfill safety for the fluid bed
  • Data memory
  • Automatic silo control
  • Weighing unit for raw material
  • Exact pressure regulation +/- 0,1 bar


  • Suction conveyor
  • Pressure increasing tank
  • Heat register
  • Cleaning function


  • All EPP raw materialis
  • Copolymers with EPS-percentage
  • All EPE raw materials