EPS Pre-Expander

Basis for the processing of EPS material: the pre-expanding plant.

Kurtz VSD 700
Kurtz VSD 700
Kurtz VSD 1000
Kurtz Pre-Expander X-LINE 1.5
Kurtz Pre-Expander X-LINE 3
Discontinuous Pre-Expander VSD 3000
Discontinuous Pre-Expander VSD 4600

The pre-expander forms the basis for further processing of expandable polystyrene (EPS). Kurtz pre-expansion systems are the result of a consequent realization of physical processes in machine technology, intensive exchange of experience with processors and recommendations of raw material producers. Due to high efficiency and reliable quality these systems can flexibly be adjusted to all demands.


Economic Advantages

Kurtz Pre-Expanders guarantee a high degree of automation, reliable control and reproducibility as well as an evenly expanded product. Together with a simple operation they bring distinct economic advantages. The demands of processors for shorter cycle and intermediate storage times as well as legal requirements in specific countries have lead to the development of fast cooling and low-pentane materials with only 3-4% pentane content. Kurtz recognized this trend very early on and developed the right machinery to satisfy these requirements.



  • All EPS raw material
  • Copolymers with EPS percentage


  • Even density distribution
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution in the pre-expanding boiler
  • Stabilization of EPS-beads in the fluid bed
  • High material throughput
  • Low energy consumption

Process Optimisation

  • Density control
  • Electrical temperature control for high densities
  • Cellular wheel sluice for material transport to the silo


  • After foaming facility for low densities
  • Overfill safety for fluid bed
  • Wedge wire sieve for big pre-expanders
  • Data memory
  • Automatic silo control


  • Raw material hopper
  • Conveyor fan
  • Suction conveyor
  • Raw material discharge station
  • Heat register