Kurtz B-JET blue

For a safe and reliable mould filling.

Kurtz B-JET blue
Kurtz B-JET blue

A key requirement for efficient moulding production is a safe and reliable filling of the mould. The Kurtz B-JET blue fill injectors ensure a fast filling and an even filling degree. Result: highest quality of the moulding.


  • Extended air connections
  • Fitting accuracy
  • Dilag-sealing and guidance
  • No damage of O-ring
  • Reinforced material connection

Technical Data

… of Standard Filling Injectors (in mm)


Diameter Sleeve Diameter Insertion Depth Mouth Pc. Diameter Material Hose Air Conn.
PA hose
  • > EPS
50 16/20 300/400/500 20-34 20/25 3x 6/8
  • > EPP
50 20 300/400/500 24-34 25/30 3x 6/8