Inclined roof panels as shape mouldings - innovative, fully automatic & ready to install.

The Kurtz ROOF FOAMER produces inclined roof panels as shape mouldings ready to install
The Kurtz ROOF FOAMER produces inclined roof panels as shape mouldings ready to install
Kurtz ROOF FOAMER: Sorted panel stacks according to construction plans: inclined roof panel with number and gradient
The ROOF FOAMER software creates a programm to efficiently process the order

The Kurtz ROOF FOAMER offers processors an innovative possibility to produce inclined roof panels as shape mouldings that are ready to install. A roof planning software calculates the quantities and models of the needed panels according to the given order and feeds this data directly in the PLC of the ROOF FOAMER.


The intelligent ROOF FOAMER control generates a program out of this data suitable to process the order efficiently according to the roof layout. Therefore the different panel thicknesses and inclinations are adjusted automatically in the mould. After the moulding process, the panels are removed and labelled in a full automatic way. Then they are turned and rotated in the stacking unit to form straight stacks up to a heigt of 2.8 m that are ready for transport.

Technology ROOF FOAMER

... for Sheets 1,000 x 1,000 mm or 1,200 x 1,200 mm

  • Interface to the roof planning software
  • Automatic creation of bill of materials for an efficient order processing
  • Automatic setting of inclination
  • Automatic processing of the entire order with adjustment of panel thickness
  • Automatic labeling acc. to the roof layout
  • Convex and concave panels possible with the same mould
  • Standard without ship lap (option: with ship lap)
  • High dimensional stability
  • No waste
  • Minimum man power required

Kurtz 4.0

  • Central Management 4.0 - worldwide access
  • Process Optimiser 4.0 - for a perfect production cycle
  • Motion Optimiser 4.0 - automatic hydraulic adaption
  • Eject Control 4.0 - visual demoulding control
  • Filling injector with i-CAP - intelligent maintenance of filling injector
  • Remote Service 4.0 - real time problem solving