Foaming – It´s so easy!

Intuitive Interface
Digital way metering system and parallel guiding
Rotating double steam chamber
Rotary drive
Single vacuum
Decentralized valve clusters

The Kurtz ROTO FOAMER is a Shape Moulding Machine specially designed for the production of mouldings with inserts, mainly applicable in the automotive industry. The area of application of the Kurtz ROTO FOAMER is in the high-end EPP/EPS processing (insert mouldings). The rotating steam chamber allows the insertion of parts into the mould and the production of mouldings parallely. The Kurtz ROTO FOAMER therefore provides highest productivity at minimal personnel. Due to the compact construction the production area can optimally be used.


Fields of application:

  • Insert Moulding
  • EPP/EPS processing (up to 5 bar)
  • Dual density function (Dual Density)


  • Mould sizes - 2 models for a moulding area up to 2.5 sqm
  • Foaming and inserting at the same time
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Manual or automatic insertion
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Best accessibility
  • Reproducible and verifiable energy efficiency
  • Space saving construction
  • High availability
  • 1,500 mm stroke


  • Roboter systems for insert and removal of mouldings
  • Quality test station, e.g. weight or optical measurement
  • Conveying systems connecting to packaging line
  • Printing systems

Kurtz 4.0

  • Central Management 4.0 - worldwide access
  • Process Optimiser 4.0 - for a perfect production cycle
  • Motion Optimiser 4.0 - automatic hydraulic adaption
  • Eject Control 4.0 - visual demoulding control
  • Füllinjektor mit i-CAP - intelligent maintenance of filling injector
  • Remote Service 4.0 - real time problem solving


Kurtz Application Bicycle Helmet (Alpina)
Kurtz Application Bicycle Helmet (Uvex)
Kurtz Automotive Application Headrest
Kurtz Automotive Application Sunshield
Kurtz Automotive Application Rear Seat